Digitally Empowered Customer Experience

Our objective is to help enterprises to create seamless customer experience across all touch points combining digital and physical in areas such as retail and banking business. We believe in creating a more customer-centric world with a seamless and mutually rewarding interaction between our clients and their customers.

Importantly, Tieto takes a distinctively holistic approach to CEM working from vision to execution, seeing it in terms of business value, not only technology. We give you the power to step into the hearts and minds of your customers – and transform your business.

Tieto works from vision to value

As a Nordic leader with a proven track record in digital customer experience management, Tieto has the ability to create end-to-end value. In helping our customers to transform their business, Tieto leverages in-depth industry knowledge, technological expertize and comprehensive innovation ecosystem.

Our services cover the full customer journey, enabling a seamlessly rewarding customer experience from vision to value: advise to create digital strategies, design to create a comprehensive customer experience, build and run solutions to sharpen your customers competitive edge by accelerating revenue, maximising business intelligence usage and optimising operational efficiency.

The Following examples illustrate the broad spectrum of customer experience management solutions where Tieto has been helping its customers.

Example FOREX Bank

FOREX Bank chose Tieto for developing and renewing the customer experience in their digital channels. The solution includes a full retail online banking service and new interface for the internet bank experience. This gives FOREX Bank a modern environment and a complete end-to-end banking solution delivered as a service. The new contract complements Tieto's current core banking installation which has been used by FOREX Bank for seven years.

Overall, in the banking sector Tieto has a long experience transforming the service experience from manual transactions to web, and later to mobile.

Example Helen's solar panel campaign attracts lots of attention on green energy

Helen wanted to run a solar panel campaign to have a distinct wow factor that would sell solar panels quickly and create a broader interest in solar panels and green energy. The campaign was a tremendous success: solar panels were sold out and the feedback in social media channels' daily media was excellent. Tieto helped Helen to create a compelling web experience making the purchase easy, innovative and easy to share.