Tieto's integrated product family for healthcare and welfare

Lifecare is Tieto's integrated product family for healthcare and welfare. The main goal of Lifecare is to provide right information at the right time for right care and service. This not only improves patient safety and contributes to higher quality of service but also saves time and resources.

Advancing national interoperability

In 2014, 90% of the public healthcare customers of Tieto were connected to the Finnish Patient Data Repository. It is a national service in which healthcare units enter the patient records from their own patient information system in a secure way. In practice, this means that Tieto's public healthcare customers are now in production with nationally compatible systems. This forms an excellent basis for the Finnish healthcare and welfare reform from the IT perspective. In 2015, private healthcare customers will connect to the national repository. New Lifecare technology is used to link customers' patient information systems of Tieto's customers to the repository.

Lifecare home care increases time for direct customer work

In the city of Stockholm, IT has simplified the everyday life for homecare workers, care receivers and their families alike. The care providers can optimize and ensure the quality of their activities through a planning system, and the employees can use their mobile phones to access work schedules and case book notes via the Lifecare Mobile Homecare Service, ParaGå. Approximately 6 500 home care units of the city were using the solution in the end of 2014.

Lifecare mobile home care was launched in 2014 in Finland. The first customer experiences have shown that with the introduction of Lifecare mobile home care and home care optimization there is a direct impact to the financials and higher customer service quality. The integrated homecare planning, optimization and mobile reporting help to improve the planning, resource management and reporting of home care activities with better identification of the needs of the care recipients. The first results in Finland have been very positive showing that time for direct customer work can be even doubled after the introduction of the new technology.

Next generation dental solution introduced in Sweden

Lifecare provides a one-stop solution for both administrative and care-related procedures in dental care. It guides the treatment provider through the entire treatment process which enhances both efficiency and patient safety. The solution is being introduced gradually in Sweden. For example, in Folktandvården Sörmland the expected outcome of Lifecare Dental is that the examination time, including registration of health status and diagnosis, can be reduced by 15%.

High interest for citizen eServices

Lifecare My Service for social services has received very good response from the citizens in 2014. For example in the city of Espoo the Lifecare My Service for supplementary benefits became the most popular online service shortly after its introduction. The citizens' opportunity to monitor their own social service data online is expected to reduce calls related to payments substantially and in turn give the personnel more time to do the actual customer service.