Our people

As we work in the intersection of business and technology we need employees who have competence that supports, develops and transfers our customers’ businesses as well as a deep knowledge of IT and experience of the latest technologies.

In 2014, Tieto accelerated its business transformation. Continuous transformation is setting high demands on competence development and resource planning. Ensuring competences that support Tieto’s strategic objectives was the focus area for business and HR in 2014.

During the year, we continued to strengthen our core businesses and also started to recruit new competencies for our new business areas, especially Industrial Internet and Customer Experience Management (CEM). These new start-up operations drive innovation with our customers and provide highly agile ways of working. The start-ups serve as good role models for reinventing the culture within Tieto. At the beginning of 2014, we also established a new Sales and Large Deals Team.

Today’s IT landscape provides new opportunities for individual employees. We support this with opportunities for continuous learning and competence development in multiple ways, including job rotation, on-the-job learning, self-study, working in different assignments, and various training and e-learning courses to mention a few.

We drive for an Open Source culture, which aims at empowering employees to influence their work, and to create an open and transparent working environment. Our Open Source culture is an aspiration that we all share and work for. In addition it presents an opportunity to share, grow and learn as well as develop Tieto together. In 2014, a pilot mentoring programme was launched to support this cultural aspiration in order to increase internal cross-border networking and individual development. Furthermore Accelerating Success programme for leaders continued to establish new ways of working.

According to our employee satisfaction survey, VOICE, which reached an excellent response rate of 89%, we improved in or continued to be strong in areas of empowerment and trust in leadership. We have strong customer orientation and people feel great accountability of what they do.