Proposal of the Board of Directors

Proposal of the Board of Directors
Distributable funds in the parent company 674 864 353.93
of which net profit for the current year 48 211 013.99
The Board of Directors proposes that the distributable funds mentioned above be used as follows:  
- a total dividend of EUR 1.30 per share to be paid to shareholders 95 176 660.80
EUR 1.00 (ordinary)  
EUR 0.30 (additional)  
- the remainder be carried forward 579 687 693.13
In the opinion of the Board of Directors the proposed dividend distribution does not endanger the solvency of the company  
Helsinki, 4. February 2015
Markku Pohjola Kurt Jofs
Chairman Vice chairman
Esa Koskinen Eva Lindqvist
Sari Pajari Anders Palklint
Risto Perttunen Endre Rangnes
Teuvo Salminen Jonas Synnergren
Kimmo Alkio

President and CEO