This is Tieto

With almost 15 0001 employees (14 000 full-time employees) in 25 countries, we are one of the largest Nordic IT services companies providing full life-cycle IT services for customers. We are committed to developing enterprises and society through IT.

Our services range from managed services to consulting and system integration complemented by industry-specific products and productized software. We also provide product development services in the field of communications and embedded technologies.2

We have a long history of providing IT services to our customers. Our role is to help our customers and society at large to transform, with IT as the main driver and enabler, and simultaneously help to drive sustainable development. 

Our approximately 800 customers operate both in the private and public sectors and are mainly located in the Nordic countries. We focus on four industry groups:

  • Financial Services
  • Manufacturing, Retail and Logistics
  • Public, Healthcare and Welfare
  • Telecom, Media and Energy

Our solutions and services are delivered from three service lines:

  • Industry Products
  • Consulting and System Integration
  • Managed Services

In addition, our Product Development Services, PDS, provides services in the field of communications and embedded technologies for a global customer base, consisting of communications infrastructure companies, mobile device and consumer electronics companies and semiconductor companies.

While the Nordics is our main customer market, our main delivery operations outside Finland and Sweden are located in the Czech Republic, India, China, Poland, Latvia, and Lithuania. At the end of 2014, 54% of our employees were based in onshore and 46% in offshore countries.

Facts and figures

  • Full name: Tieto Corporation
  • Company founded in 1968
  • Headquarters in Helsinki, Finland
  • Number of employees: 14 9782 (14 000 full-time employees)
  • Listed on NASDAQ OMX in Helsinki and Stockholm
  • Net sales: EUR 1 522.5 million
  • Total capitalization of equity: EUR 471 million 
  • Total capitalization of liabilities: EUR 560 million