Customer experience

Customer experience measurement is an important tool for understanding performance as a supplier. In Tieto, we have processes for dialogues and measurements covering all levels of our co-governance model: strategic, tactical and operational levels. 

Customer experience can be defined as the sum of experiences a customer has gathered during the duration of a relationship with a supplier. We believe these experiences are created every time anyone from a customer interacts with anyone or anything from Tieto, or, for that matter, when interaction is lacking. Thus, it is not a stand-alone matter but an integral part of a continuous interaction. 

According to our Group-wide Quality Policy, we are committed to continuously improving our ways of working through frequent dialogue with our customers and acting upon their feedback.

In 2014, more than 600 customer representatives participated in our annual Customer Experience Survey, giving their feedback in face-to-face interviews. This strategic-level measurement covers our key and strategic customers, and aims to evaluate to what extent customers believe we are delivering our strategy and value proposition. The response rate was 78%. 

Our Customer Experience Index (CEI) measures the overall experience of Tieto and how useful we are as a supplier, and how easy and enjoyable we are to work with. In 2014, this KPI remained relatively stable at 7.51 on a scale 1–10 (7.53 in 2013). Our long-term target is to reach 8.2 by 2016.

Customer experience index

According to the Customer Experience Survey, still one of our strongest points is that we are easy to work with. We are also seen as a trustworthy and reliable supplier having a good understanding of our customers' business. Customers are willing to continue using Tieto's services and also believe we have a wide portfolio of IT services. Negative customer perception is related to challenges in project deliveries, perception of value for money, or offerings not matching sufficiently the customer needs. To address these issues, we will work to increase the number of productized solutions as well as move from individual performance to organizational performance by continuing to industrialize our delivery processes. Furthermore, we will strive to deliver as we promise and interact with our customers even more proactively. With regards to strategic-level customer experience management, these areas will be in our focus for 2015. 

To understand our performance as a supplier from an external benchmarking perspective, we measure our customers’ willingness to recommend Tieto using the KPI Net Promotor Score® (NPS). In 2014, the NPS reached +11 (scale -100 to +100) compared to +1 in 2013, thus meeting our target for this year.

During 2014, we enhanced the customer experience related reporting in our internal role-based Business Intelligence platform, enabling full transparency on customer experiences: anyone in Tieto is able to monitor the gathered customer-experience related measurement data, analyses and actions. Another event during the year was the design of Tieto’s market and customer insight architecture. Our aim is to make Tieto an insights-driven company through systematic collection, analysis and communication of needed customer and market insights to relevant stakeholders with the right frequency. 

The customer experience measurement processes in Tieto are owned and managed by our Processes, Quality and Corporate Responsibility organization. Managers at all levels are responsible for implementing the process with their customers.