Greener operations

Minimizing our environmental impact is one of our key goals in our corporate responsibility work. We support the precautionary approach to environmental challenges, and apply the principles of continuous improvement. 

In 2014, our CO2 emissions decreased by 22%. In the Greenhouse gas emissions text, you can read more about this development and how we manage our impact. Our activities relating to energy consumption in offices and data centres are presented in more detail in the Energy consumption section. 

Our Environmental Rule governs the environmental work throughout business operations, and applies to all employees in all countries. Naturally, we follow the local environmental legislation in each country of operation. To help us manage our environmental work in daily business operations, we have an Environmental Management System (EMS), which is ISO 14001 compliant. In 2014, ISO 14001 certification of business operations increased significantly, covering 62% at year-end. The EMS implementation is presented in more detail in the Environmental management systems and certification text.

To support environmental efficiency in daily business operations we have also implemented many other routines. These are presented in the section about Waste and use of materials and chemicals