Our people

In 2014, our Human Resources continued to support the transformation of Tieto, at the same time pursuing its long-term goal to become the employer of choice. Our Open Source culture plays an important role in our company journey, providing a work environment where the individual as well as Tieto as an IT services provider can grow. 

Our success as a company is built on the competence, motivation, wellbeing and performance of our employees – our most important asset. We want to offer a work place that both challenges and cares. Our long-term goal is to become the employer of choice among our own employees as well as potential employees, such as young professionals and students, but also among more experienced professionals and leaders.

With new business models emerging on the market, the IT landscape is changing and new service models are being born. This development is impacting among other things competence and resource needs at an accelerating pace. During 2014, our Human Resources placed a lot of focus in attracting new talent and adjusting resource capabilities in business operations. We also continued nurturing our Open Source culture, which aims at creating a strong balance of skills, experience and knowledge to facilitate strategy implementation. This culture promotes a work environment based on openness, transparency, collaboration and innovation. 

Our annual employee-engagement survey, Voice, resulted in a total score of 621 in 2014 (644 in 2013). The response rate was 89%, highlighting employees’ engagement in the company and its future direction. According to this Voice survey, one of the biggest improvements can be seen in the empowerment and trust in our leadership, which is important in a period of change. We also have strong customer orientation and employees feel great accountability for what they do. At the same time the Voice survey shows that employee commitment is weak in some parts of the organization. This may be explained by the ongoing transformation, which is embracing the whole company and could cause a degree of uncertainty among some employees. According to the Voice survey, we also need to increase support to our project managers, to help them succeed in complex project environments and requirements.


At the end of December 2014, the number of employees amounted to 14 9781 (14 318 as full-time equivalent). During the year, 1 8951 new employees joined Tieto through recruitments to strengthen competence in growth areas. Around 2241 employees joined through acquisitions and outsourcing agreements. At the same time, 1 1311 employees left Tieto due to restructuring of business operations. Additionally, approximately 251 employees exited due to business divestment during 2014. The 12-month rolling employee turnover stood at 10.5% at the end of December 2014 (9.3% in 2013), corresponding to  1 831 employees exiting during the year2.

Workforce by region by gender 2013
Workforce by region by gender 2014
Full-time employees by gender, 2012-2014
Part time employees by gender, 2012-2014
Permanent employee contract by gender, 2012-2014
Temporary employee contract by gender, 2012-2014
New employees and employee turnover by gender, 2013-2014
New employees and employee turnover by age groups, 2013-2014
New employees and employee turnover by region, 2013-2014

Our Human Resources (HR) department is responsible for maintaining and developing the people practices in Tieto. Our HR function is led by the group-level Head of HR while country HR teams are responsible for country-specific HR operations. In addition, Business HR support is also assigned to the respective Service Lines and Industry Groups.

The Tieto Human Resources (HR) Policy serves as the overall strategic direction for our people practices, and applies to all employees and operations globally. This policy states that Tieto supports and respects the principles set out in the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work. Furthermore, the policy states that Tieto is compliant with the legal principles applicable in each country of operation, and that we have zero tolerance for any form of discrimination and disrespectful treatment at work. The HR Policy was updated and re-launched in 2014 as part of our internal compliance project conducted during the year, and now also highlights the importance of our Open Source culture to ensure employee satisfaction and customer benefit through a high-performing workforce.