Learning and talent development

The company transformation is setting high demands on competence development and resource planning. During the year, recruitment increased to strengthen talent in growth areas.  

As an IT services provider, we need employees and competences that can truly support and develop our customers’ businesses – expertise with a comprehensive understanding of specific industries and customer needs as well as local market environments, legislation and regulations. We also need deep knowledge of IT and experience of the latest technologies, and experts who know how IT transforms businesses. 

Specific competence requirements evolve with the customers’ businesses along with digitalization, societal development and different market trends. In today’s IT landscape, with increased automation and standardization, and more and more services offered from the cloud, certain types of roles and professions disappear while others appear. From a competence and resource planning perspective, this trend puts extra pressure on the company to develop existing in-house competences as well as to acquire and develop new ones. In 2014, 1 8951 new employees joined the company. We continued to strengthen our core businesses and also started to recruit in our new areas of business, for instance Industrial Internet and Customer Experience Management (CEM). We also established a new Large Deals Team at the beginning of the year. 

The need for constant development will remain and play an even bigger role in the future. Therefore, our training focus has started to shift from traditional, individual-driven training towards business-driven sharing and collaboration. We drive for an Open Source culture, where we all can share, grow and learn. In 2014, a mentoring pilot was started to support this cultural aspiration to increase internal networking, also across borders. At the end of the year, around 30 people were active in this ongoing program. The Accelerating Success program, which was started in 2013, continued in 2014 and aims at helping Tieto leaders to learn and establish new ways of working based on Neuro Science thinking. Around 200 employees participated in this program in 2014. 

As a whole, we support employees’ growth and learning with multiple options, including job rotation, on-the-job learning, self-study, working in different assignments and various trainings and e-learnings, to mention a few examples. Approximately 450 trainings are available in the Tieto Academy training portal on a regular basis. 

Our HR policy states that the present and future employability of the workforce should be supported by continuous learning and competence development. Our aim is that all employees have annual development discussions as a part of the competence and performance development and planning. Taking attrition and workforce dynamics into account, our annual target is 90%. According to our Voice survey, 85% of employees had a goal and development discussion in 2014. 

In Tieto, professional development is carried out within business operations. Group-level talent and leadership development activities that support businesses are coordinated and developed by Global Human Resources.